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A Continued Santa Barbara Tradition

Hotel Santa Barbara has been a part of Santa Barbara's rich history since way back in 1876 when the city was just a sleepy pueblo. It's like a living testament to the past! And guess what? The story keeps getting better.

Historic Hotel Santa Barbara
Historic Hotel Santa Barbara

a mighty earthquake rocked downtown Santa Barbara, taking down the original Santa Barbara Hotel. But the owner, determined to never let an earthquake ruin their dreams again, decided to build a new hotel that would surpass all expectations. They called it the Saint Barbara, but let me tell you, this place had a mischievous side too! Rumor has it that during Prohibition, there was always a secret stash of liquor, and even a sneaky gaming room hidden somewhere near the lobby. Talk about keeping the good times rolling!

1n 1925,

As time went on, the Saint Barbara transformed into The Barbara Hotel, attracting the brightest stars of Hollywood. It was the ultimate getaway spot! But like any good story, there were ups and downs. After World War II, the hotel's popularity gradually faded, and eventually, its doors closed to both the glitz of Hollywood and the wanderlust of travelers from around the world.

Hotel Santa Barbara rose from the ashes like a phoenix

But fear not, for in the late 1960s, Hotel Santa Barbara rose from the ashes like a phoenix! And in 1975, it was purchased by the incredible duo, Rolland and Venetia Jacks. With the help of their children, they breathed new life into the hotel, welcoming both residents and leisure guests with open arms. They knew the time had come for a major renovation in the mid-1990s when the Old Town area around the hotel bloomed into a vibrant hub. So, they embarked on a journey, closing the doors in November 1996. And guess what? Nine months and a cool $4 million later, Hotel Santa Barbara emerged as a reborn classic, ready to steal hearts all over again.

But that's not the end of the tale! In 2021, a new chapter began with the exciting acquisition of Hotel Santa Barbara by the esteemed Geronimo Hospitality Group. With their passion for creating extraordinary experiences, they are set to elevate the hotel to new heights, blending history with modern charm. Brace yourselves for the next era of Hotel Santa Barbara, where tradition and innovation dance hand in hand. The story continues, and you're invited to be a part of it!

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