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Top 10 Santa Barbara Instagram Accounts

If you are anything like us, then chances are you are spending some extra time on social media these days. It’s a great way to stay connected with our friends and family, to travel without leaving our couches, to explore, and to learn.

Santa Barbara will be waiting for you to return to its sandy beaches, quaint paseos and farm-to-table restaurants but in the meantime we’ve gathered our top 10 Santa Barbara Instagram accounts so that you can enjoy Santa Barbara from home – wherever in the world that may be.


Follow @HotelSantaBarb for daily doses of spectacular Santa Barbara views, history and fun facts. We are also sharing posts from other local Santa Barbara Instagram accounts every day in our Instagram Stories, so be sure to watch those for feel-good posts celebrating Santa Barbara. Everything from tasty takeout options, art lessons, virtual local happenings, online shopping recommendations and more.

A local SB fitness celebrity, Jenny Schatzle’s feed is a combination of motivational mantras, 5-minute movements, positive body acceptance and real talk. The ultra-relatable and positive vibes coming from Jenny’s feed make everyone feel good.

Santa Barbara photographer Blake Bronstad is an Instagram favorite for capturing the spirit of Santa Barbara in richly saturated hues and unique angles. His love of sunsets is no surprise when you take a scroll through his stunning feed.

Food stylist and photographer Ali Beck’s Instagram feed is filled with, you guessed it, food. Shooting for some of Santa Barbara’s best restaurants, her light-filled photos feature an assortment of floral garnished cocktails and freshly plated specials. Check out her other accounts @alibeckphoto and @freshrootshealth for photo fare and holistic nutrition.

Santa Barbara Sailing is a local company offering customers everything from sunset cruises to fully chartered sailing trips. But what their Instagram feed offers is that relax-your-shoulders, deep exhale, salty inhale feeling you get when you are vacationing in Santa Barbara. Enjoy inspired photos of Santa Barbara’s beautiful coastline and pretty people sailing with gorgeous ocean backdrops.

Eat This, Shoot That is a guided food and drink tour company found here in Santa Barbara and Solvang. The premise: tour the best food and drinks in town, snap some fun pictures while you are at it, and learn a bit along the way. Their drool worthy Instagram feed is no exception. Experience the tastes of SB from your couch, then book a tour next time you’re in SB.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a SB gem and you can still experience the wonder of visiting the garden when you view their Instagram. Their amazing educators share videos and snaps of Garden flora and fauna punctuated with interesting facts about our local ecosystem.

Visit Santa Barbara is the matriarch of all SB Instagram accounts. Their collection of images is curated perfection, showing off all SB has to offer to their 92k followers from around the globe. From original content to follower features, Visit Santa Barbara’s entire feed is eye candy. Have a shot of SB you want to share with the world? Use their hashtag #seesb and your photo might just be featured.

Enjoy stunning Santa Barbara landscapes in artist Chris Potter’s signature whimsical style. Catch his Instagram Live for live painting demos and behind-the-scenes insight into his painting technique.

Who doesn’t love animal videos and photos? The Santa Barbara Zoo has an adorable Instagram feed filled with sweet photos, witty puns, educational videos and hilarious hashtags. Check out their #tongueouttuesday for pictures of creatures like Michael the giraffe eating some romaine lettuce. Or follow penguin Monty on his adventures around the property. Now that’s what we call #adorbs.

While we practice social distancing, it’s a great time to explore some of Santa Barbara’s best Instagram feeds. We want you to keep Santa Barbara in your hearts and minds and our top 10 Santa Barbara Instagram accounts will help you accomplish that, no matter where you are.

We want to know, what are your favorite Santa Barbara Instagram accounts? And how are you staying connected to SB?


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